Wanli Tire Flagship Store Opens, Fully Initiating Its Channel Strategy

Release time:2015-08-19

          On March 28, 2015, Wanli Tire Flagship Store Opening & Spring Service Bi-weekly launch ceremony took place in Panyu, attended by major leaders of Guangzhou South China Tire & Rubber Co.,Ltd., 25 representatives from key Wanli Tire stores in Guangzhou, and journalists of Guangzhou media. The official opening of Wanli Tire Flagship Store for business signifies the comprehensive implementation of Wanli Tire’s 2015 channel strategy – a milestone event during its development.

Wanli Tire Flagship Store Opens, Taking Its Channel to a New Height

         Wanli Tire Flagship Store, the first branded flagship store of Wanli Tire in China, was jointly built by Guangzhou Fengli Rubber Tire Co., Ltd. and Sunso, making it the leader in the South China tire market in terms of the store area, hardware, and level of service.

         Located at 611 Xingnan Avenue, Panyu District, Guangzhou, the flagship store covers a ground area of 800 square meters. Equipped with an auto beauty service workshop and tire maintenance workshop, the flagship store not only provides customers with the fullest array of tires but also bring them a one-stop service including car maintenance and beauty service and tire test and maintenance. The tire maintenance workshop has the Wanli Tire Product Display area, Tire Fault Analysis area, Tire Section Introduction area, and Air Cock Display area, where customers can lean all about tire maintenance without bothering to go out. Besides, the auto beauty service workshop in the store provides customers with care-free, one-stop car service (mainly tire maintenance, but including car beauty, car maintenance, quick fix, and insurance service).

        While Wanli Tire Flagship Store opened, 25 key Wanli Tire stores in Guangzhou jointly expressed their congratulations as an official announcement of its launch. At the opening ceremony site, the heads of these key stores publicly promised to provide Guangzhou customers with better service experience, embodying the positive attitude of Wanli Tire’s channel team and its service philosophy of “customer first”.


Attention to Travel Safety in Spring: Spring Service Bi-weekly Activity Starts

          Though spring is a good season for outing, it has recently been rainy and wet in Guangzhou, making the road surface very slippery, which not only affects the speeds of driving, but also easily results in the sliding of tires and an increase in driving risks. Therefore, tire safety test prior to driving is a must. In order to appreciate its customers with their relentless support and ensure their travel safety, Wanli Tire Flagship Store and 25 Wanli key stores joined hands in launching the Spring Service Bi-weekly Activity by taking the occasion of the opening of the flagship store.

          This spring service bi-weekly activity lasts from March 28 to April 10, during which time customers can visit Wanli Tire Flagship Store or any of the specified 25 key stores in Guangzhou for tire safety check service free of charge. If they buy tires there, they will receive considerably valuable gifts, which can be taken as Wanli Tire’s appreciation of its customers.

          As expressed by Chen Miao, chairman of Wanli Tire, the company upholds the business philosophy of “customer first” and will continue to improve its level and quality of service as a way of thanking customers for their trust. As of this year, Wanli Tire starts, as the first in the industry, to launch the service bi-weekly activity in spring and autumn every year, seeking to turn the activity into a “business card” for Wanli Tire service in the end.


Seizing Opportunity to Reform Channel on Full Scale

           2015 is a year of special importance to Wanli Tire. As of the beginning of the year, it has been making “moves after moves”: In February, Wanli Tire Hefei’s TBR project with an annual capacity of 2 million tires was officially launched – the first major move by Wanli Tire for the year; in March, it was at the historic moment of entering its tires into 4S dealerships, starting in-depth cooperation between both sides; meanwhile, its flagship store was officially opened. All these moves, together with its Hefei project, have formed a strategic mix of operations in southern and northern China, ushering in a new era of strategic reforms in the Wanli Tire channel.

          Currently, most of Chinese tire suppliers still adopt the traditional dealership system. The pyramidal sales system used to play an important role in tire suppliers seizing market share due to its powerful capability. Nowadays, however, its ‘inherent weaknesses” are as obvious, e.g. the information exchange between suppliers and end users can only be done via the dealer so that it is difficult to guarantee the truth and quick availability of information. With end users increasingly keen on service experience, the need for a change to this situation is urgent.

          Sensitive to change in the channel, Wanli Tire alwaysseizes opportunity and has initiated its full-scale channel reforms in 2015 bytaking advantage of the opening of its flagship store; as for channeloperations, it seeks to focus on the end-user market instead of dealers anddirectly present Wanli Tires to end-users so that they can see and perceive theproducts themselves to stimulate their interest; in channel building, it seeksto strengthen its ties with its dealers, changing a transaction-typerelationship into a partnership; besides, it will improve its fine end-usermanagement by introducing the CRM (customer relations management) system toeffectively communicate and interact with end-users, collect customer feedback,and make improvement in a timely manner.-j



          According to Chen Miao, chairman of Wanli Tire, the opening of Vanlead Flagship Store indicates a development in stride in its end-user network building and will strongly promote its channel building and brand image. After this, Wanli Tire will comprehensively promote the image of its tire sales network and its level of professional service and step up its sales network building on a full scale so that Wanli Tire can become a national brand popular with more end-users.