Wanli Tire Made its debut at “Auto Guangzhou” with Its Four Main Brands

Release time:2015-11-20

   On November 20, “The 13th China (Guangzhou) International Automobile Exhibition themed “New Technology ? New Life” officially opened. Wanli Tire became the first Chinese tire brand entering the finished automobile exhibition hall. It launched the conceptual tires – PINONEER with the main concept of “Environmental Protection” and made its debut with its four main brands in the Hall 1.2 at Pazhou Complex.

   Wanli Tire’s “conceptual tires” and four main brands made their debut

    Wanli Tire’s theme for participating in this automobile exhibition is “New Wanli? Taking the Lead”, hoping toget Wanli brand a new start and thoroughly refresh its brand image through this international automobile exhibition. “Taking the Leading” reflects Wanli Tire’s ambition to become the leading brand in China’s tire industry.   

 Wanli Tire had an exhibition stand with a total area of 315 m2 in the finished automobile exhibition hall. The design of the exhibition stand took “Road of Wanli” as the main concept, started with the mutual relationship between tires and the ground to refine the key word “road”, and divided the exhibition stand into three parts with the “road” as the partitions. The exhibition stand covers Wanli Tire’s conceptual tires, run-flat tires, colored tires and the four main whole-series products. The exhibition stand fully embodied new Wanli’s fresh vision impression and fashionable feeling of science and technology. During the exhibition period, Wanli Tire’s exhibition stand would regularly present magnificent stage performance and interesting interactive games.  

    At this automobile exhibition, Wanli Tire not only became the first Chinese tire brand entering the finished automobile exhibition hall but also was the first enterprise launching conceptual tires among Chinese tire brands. Wanli Tire launched the conceptual tires to cater to the trend of international tire market featuring run on flat, narrow cross section and large size. Wanli Tire’s conceptual tires are named “Pioneer”. The word “Pioneer” implies forerunner and explorer, which just accords with the innovation concept of Wanli Tire. This time, Wanli Tire put its innovation concept into practice, which can be called a “Pioneer” initiative. Meanwhile, “PIONEER” is a powerful word acoustically. It can be said that the name “Pioneer” has a profound meaning, reflecting Wanli Tire’s breakthroughs and changes in all kinds of performances.  


   “Pioneer” takes safety, environmental protection and energy conservation as its main selling points. In terms of safety, it is the first kind of run-flat tire dedicated to new energy automobiles, making driving safer. The tire surface adopts high-performance material formula, featuring better slippery resistance and abrasion performance. In terms of environmental protection and energy conservation, “Pioneer” lives up to the title of “natural green” both in pattern design and production materials. In pattern design, “Pioneer” adopts bionics design, designing the patterns on the surface of tire by simulating the shape of bamboo leaves. Compared with normal tires, such design can effectively reduce about 10% of rolling resistance, and this rolling coefficient is equivalent to reaching the EU’s Grade B, so the tires are more environmentally friendly. In materials, eucommea rubber, colza oil, mandarin oil and other natural medicinal material and plants are added to “Pioneer” to replace such harmful substances as aromatic oil in the process of tire manufacturing. Therefore, “Pioneer” has realized safety, environmental protection and energy conservation both in the use process and the later scrapping process.

    The adaptive vehicle mode of “Pioneer” conceptual tires at this automobile exhibition is JAC new energy vehicle IEV5. It can be said that the new energy vehicles and the conceptual tires featuring safety, energy conservation and environmental protection match each other and complement each other perfectly.  

    In addition to the mainly launched conceptual tires, Wanli Tire also carried its four main product series – “Wanli”, “Diamond”, “Aptany” and “Sunny” to participate in the exhibition. “Wanli brand”, as the basic brand of Wanli Tire, is widely demanded and has a good reputation in the market, with the products of more than 2,000 specifications and patterns. The products have such three series as radial tires of passenger cars, radial tires of light trucks and TBR tires ranging from 12” to 30”, covering a number of vehicle modes such as sedans, SUVs, large buses, heavy trucks etc. Wanli Tire’s new flagship product SA302 just launched this summer will make its debut at the automobile exhibition. Its high performance is comparable with or even exceeds that of some international famous brand tires. “Diamond” brand is a high-end brand of Wanli Tire, mainly entering some high-end sub-markets, such as large-size tires, run-flat tires, winter tires, colored tires etc, and it  presents new Wanli Tire’s high-end image and. “Aptany” and “Sunny” are mainly sold to foreign countries. “Aptany” adopts lightweight design with relatively shallow patterns, so the energy consumption in production process is lower and the materials are more environmentally friendly. “Sunny”, as an affiliated brand of Wanli Tire overseas, is mainly responsible for filling up Wanli Tire’s bland areas in sales, with abrasion resistance and practicability as its advantages. These four main series present the diversity of Wanli Tire’s products and meet the requirements of various medium and high-end markets at home and abroad in an all-round way.      


   In 2015, China’s tire industry, affected by “anti-dumping duty and anti-subsidy duty”, micro growth of auto market and other various negative factors, was in the period of turbulence as a whole. According to the statistics of China Rubber Industry Association Tire Branch, in the first three quarters, the whole industry realized tire sales revenue of 118.778 billion yuan, with a year-on-year decrease of 13.53%, and the industry profit saw a year-on-year decrease of 34.99%. On this occasion, Wanli Tire still saw a growth against trend, with the rate of operation maintaining at 100% throughout the year. During January to October, Wanli Tire sold a total of 9.76 million tires, with a year-on-year growth of 9.7%, and realized a year-on-year growth of tire sales revenue of 5.07% and a year-on-year growth of profit of 11.43%. The numbers of the image shops and terminal shops in the Chinese market increased respectively to 636 and 3,718.

 Making outstanding achievements in an adverse situation is just a kind of “presentation”, implying the driving role of Wanli Tire’s series of major initiatives. In 2015, Wanli Tire fully refreshed its new brand image in such aspects as production, service, R&D, brand etc. These “major movements” are all Wanli Tire’s system layout it has figured out by accurately holding the market trend based on its medium and long-term development strategy planning.  

    In the production and manufacturing field, at the beginning of this year, a foundation was laid for Hefei Wanli Tire’s green TBR tire project with an annual output of 2 million tires, setting a good start for Wanli Tire’s new reform throughout the year. Hefei’s project is called the “dream work” inside Wanli Tire. It adopts the most advanced full-automatic unmanned operation technique, and Wanli Tire’ s productive efficiency will be improved greatly after the project is completed, the overall acceptance percentage of tire products will reach 99.9%, and the human cost will be reduced by 60 million yuan every year. In August, the newly launched 10 million-green high-performance tire project in Wanli Tire’s Conghua base formally went into operation, helping Wanli Tire to meet market demand.

    In the channel and marketing fields, Wanli Tire formally entered automobile 4S shops in March. Meanwhile, its tire flagship shop officially opened in Panyu District, Guangzhou, which unveils Wanli Tire’s strategic reform in the channel field, indicates that Wanli Tire has realized new leap in its terminal network construction, and plays an active role in promoting the channel construction and brand image improvement of Wanli Tire. In November, “Wan + Alliance” - a comprehensive mobile B2B and B2C e-commerce platform featuring tire-related products and services formally went online. With the thinking of the “Internet +”, it integrates offline merchant resources all around the country and adopts mobile positioning service mechanism to develop an O2O mobile consumption e-commerce platform featuring online appointment booking and offline enjoyment. These initiatives play an active role in improving the image of Wanli Tire’s sales networks and professional service level. Next, Wanli Tire will keep on strengthening standardized construction of its sales networks to make itself become a brand favored by more consumers. In addition, Wanli Tire’s channel sinking strategy has become very clear.   

    In the R&D field, press conference for Wanli Tire’s new flagship product SA302 was held at the West Lake in July. Through this press conference, Wanli Tire fully demonstrates its tremendous strength in technological R&D. Wanli Tire has made comprehensive reforms in pattern design, formula and other aspects of the new products, and the data obtained from the world authoritative third-party testing organization – Spanish IDIADA is more exciting, that is, it has reached a level similar to that of well-known international brands.     

    From the intelligent “dream work” in the production field, to the flagship shops providing door-to-door services in the channel and marketing fields, new flagship products with high performance that can compare favorably with famous international brands, and the launch of conceptual tires - “Pioneer” born for new energy vehicles, Wanli Tire has been constantly refreshing its brand image with its practical action, which has changed the consumers’ impression on Chinese tire brands and indicates Wanli Tire’s resolution to become the leading brand in China’s tire industry.   

   Wanli Tire has a new start based on its accumulated strength

 The year 2015 was Wanli Tire’s starting year for its medium and long-term strategic plans. In this year, Wanli Tire conducted great reforms and innovation, which could be called a good start. At this “Auto Guangzhou”, Wanli Tire, with the help of the momentum of the international automobile exhibition, was covered with glory again and is striding forward steadily towards the medium and long-term strategic plans of 2020. 

    In the production field, Wanli Tire’s 10 million-productivity automatic assemble line will be completed in Conghua in the first half of next year, and the green factory will be completed in Hefei in the second half of next year. All these will make Wanli Tire see great improvement in the sales volume, marketing share and other aspects of all-steel tires. If the two factories can successfully go into operation, it can make up the shortcomings of Wanli Tire’s productivity in semi-steel and all-steel aspects and make it truly achieve balanced development of semi-steel and all-steel tires. This will be of great significance to the productivity structure, production technology adjustment and other aspects of Wanli Tire. 

    In the marketing and service fields, Wanli Tire will have more breakthroughs next year, such as more internationalized brand strategy layout, new brand slogan, enterprise VI etc. Meanwhile, the Olympic Games will be held next year, when Wanli Tire will consider conducting marketing publicity by centering on some sports events so as to make its own new brand image better integrate with the preference of consumers. With formal launching of “Wan + Alliance” in this November and later continuous development, Wanli Tire will timely launch its service brand next year to better provide quality services for consumers. Also, it will perfect the CRM system based on e-commerce and micro-commerce and realize integration of product R&D, production, sales and service with consumers as the center so as to improve Wanli Tire’s brand image.

    In the R&D field, along with the upgrading and transformation of Wanli Tire China Research Institute, Wanli Tire has made great progress in R&D equipment and R&D level. Wanli Tire European Research Institute will present phased achievements. Through Wanli Tire European Research Institute, Wanli Tire will collect the cutting-edge tire technologies in the international tire industry and relevant market information and make good first-phase preparations for it to enter the European supporting markets.